Fair Flowers Fair Plants

Honest flowers and plants.

As a wholesaler, Verbeek Export stands for honest flowers and plants. We purchase flowers daily from growers who are FFP-certified. These products have been cultivated in a responsible manner, with respect for mankind and the environment. We, our customers and the consumer all find this to be very important. It is for that reason that we are affiliated with the Fair Flowers Fair Plants foundation.

We try to communicate this to our customers through:

  • providing flyers at our wholesalers and Cash & Carries in consultation with the foundation
  • purchasing flowers from FFP-certified growers and ensuring that the flowers bear the FFP quality mark
  • stating the names of FFP-certified growers in our webshop
  • stating the names of FFP-certified growers on our invoices

Fair Flowers Fair Plants deploys itself as an organisation to come to a social and environmental standard for flowers and plants on a global basis. The foundation works closely with human rights organisations, environmental organisations and the international trade unions.

For more information, go to: www.fairflowersfairplants.com

Our registrationnumber is: 1000166