Have you always wanted to be a trainee at a flower company? Do you have an affinity for trading? Then a traineeship at Verbeek Export in the heart of the Bloemenveiling Royal Flora Holland Aalsmeer is perhaps the perfect challenge for you!

Verbeek Export is affiliated with and is an acknowledged work training company. Many trainees have meanwhile gained practical experience at our company. As a trainee, you will become familiar with all of the processes in the trading chain and you will learn how theory works in actual practice. If this appeals to you, then read more on how we organise traineeships.

We offer two types of traineeships:

  • Final subject traineeship (research)
  • General work experience

You can send us an open job application and motivate why you would like to be a trainee at our company and what you hope to learn. There is always a trainee supervisor at Verbeek Export who will guide you as best he/she can and will help you to achieve your learning goals. In addition, we give you room to get to know the company and to work independently.

If a traineeship at our company appeals to you, then send an e-mail with motivation to: