The Verbeek Export organisation is established in the heart of the flower auction Royal Flora Holland Aalsmeer. Our team consists of around 20 people who see to the purchasing and selling, distribution and packaging of flowers. Verbeek Export stands for quality of the highest standard, excellent service and fresh produce. Purchased today, dispatched to the customer the very same day! In order to be able to guarantee that towards our customers, we have divided our organisation into a number of departments:

This department is responsible for the daily purchasing and selling of all of our articles, cut flowers, plants and decorative products. This department is run by Huig van der Plas and Robert Verbeek.

Our bouquet department is responsible for comprising our bouquets. We offer our customers a wide range of bouquets. It enables us to keep everything under one roof. This department is led by our bouquet manager.

Distribution is responsible for the continuous division, processing and packaging of the flowers and plants that we purchase. The distribution department is led by our head of the box room.

This department is mainly concerned with the entire container- and cask administration. The department is run by Martijn Verbeek.

The finance department is concerned with the day-to-day financial tasks, such as: financial administration, debtors- and creditors relations and fiscal/legal matters. The department is run by Martijn Verbeek.

The P&O department of Verbeek is responsible for the day-to-day staffing and labour issues. This department falls under the supervision of Martijn Verbeek and is supported by accountants agency PBS Advies in Haarlem,