How it al began

It all started on 1 September 1975. Founder Hans Verbeek came up with the idea to independently sell flowers midway through the seventies. Hans Verbeek acquired a lot of experience and knowledge of languages during a number of traineeships abroad, in Sweden and France among other countries. He then decided to start a company of his own.

The countries Switzerland, France and Sweden soon became the 3 export countries to which Verbeek, together with his first employees John and Huig, exported flowers at the end of the seventies. Thanks to the huge expansion of flower shops, Switzerland in particular became a significant outlet for Verbeek at the beginning of the eighties. It was for that reason that we began our own flower line in 1985 in order to supply our Swiss clients with flowers from Aalsmeer directly. The flower market was in a stir in the eighties and our Swiss customers want to see, smell and feel the flowers. In response to this, the customers were supplied flowers from our lorries on the doorstep of their shop. This company still exists, but now bears the name Schwyz Flowers.

As of 1990

The Verbeek company expanded and there were soon customers from other export countries, such as:  Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Malta and Russia . The company saw a transition from selling flowers in bunches to selling full units. At that time, our volumes expanded such that we were forced to move to a larger auction location within the then Verenigde Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer (VBA).

In 1995, the Verbeek name, together with Oldenburger Transport and De Ridder Transport, are gaining a reputation in the Scandinavian countries. We soon began exporting flowers to wholesalers and Cash & Carries in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Today, Verbeek is still specialised in the Scandinavian market.

As of 2006

In 2006, Hans Verbeek decided that it was time to step aside and let his sons Robert and Martijn run the company. Under their management, Verbeek Export has become a progressive company with a clear vision for the future in addition to being a trend-setting company. With an extensive range of products, a user-friendly webshop, personal service and modern technologies, we are more than capable of supplying a high quality assortment of flowers to our customers.

Our mission: becoming the trend-setting flower supplier in Europe and Scandinavia.